Stand made Butter

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Doberman Pinscher Cool Dog Butter

Making butter is easy using a stand mixer. Using Cool Dog Trays for your home made butter recipe is sure to be the topic of discussion at your next dinner party. Whether you are using butter to top pancakes, Grill steaks or simply buttering up your baked potato bringing your favorite breed is the best way to spice up these dishes.

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Gathering a towel, a Cool Dog Tray, ice water, a wooden spatula, a clean bowl, some room temperature heavy whipping cream, a stand mixer with a mixing attachment or paddle mixer, and any seasonings, or herbs if you are making compound butter.

Start by adding room temperature heavy whipping cream to the stand mixer and set the mixing speed to low, gradually increase to high to avoid sloshing the heavy whipping cream everywhere.

You will see the heavy whipping cream form into whipping cream, first with soft then hard peaks.

Continue mixing until the cream breaks. Then cover stand mixer with a towel, shortly after the cream breaks into chunks the buttermilk will start forming.

The buttermilk has separated from the butter, make sure to store it for immediate use. We recommend Yummy buttermilk pancakes. What a better way to top those delicious pancakes than a Cool Dog Butter!

Transfer the butter to a clean bowl, making sure to get as little buttermilk in the bowl as possible.

Add ice water and press the butter into the sides of the bowl separating the buttermilk from the butter.

Drain and keep adding new ice water until the pressed butter rinses clean eliminating the buttermilk and providing longevity to your butter freshness.

Once the butter rinses clean you can add your spices, and herbs at this point making compound butter.

Press your fresh butter into Cool Dog Trays and freeze for several hours.

Remove trays from freezer. Remove dogs from mold and enjoy on your favorite dishes. We recommend storing the cool dog butter in the freezer until you are ready to use it to ensure they stay the amazing shape of your favorite breeds.

Stand made Butter

Recipe by CoolDogTraysCourse: Food and GoodiesDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream

  • Ice water

  • salt *optional

  • herbs and spices *optional


  • Let heavy whipping cream warm up to room temperature for no less than 1 hour. Make sure not to exceed 24 hours. Never warm up the cream in a microwave. Instead, let the cream warm up slowly on the counter. Also, do not let the cream get warmer than 70 degrees or your butter may turn out gloopy and may not fully separate from the buttermilk.
  • Using stand mixer, place room temperature whipping cream in. Turn settings to low, then medium then high so the cream doesn’t slosh everywhere.
  • The cream will transform to a whipping cream first, then it will start to clump. Once you see the clumping we suggest draping a towel over the stand mixer so buttermilk does not fly everywhere.
  • Once the butter has formed move to a clean bowl and pour ice water over it. Make sure all of the residual buttermilk is removed from the butter by kneading it with a wooden spoon or spatula. You will want to rinse the butter thoroughly with the ice water multiple times until the water runs clear. The liquid buttermilk only stays fresh for several days, whereas full fat butter that is free of buttermilk can keep for a few weeks.
  • After rinsing the butter you can add your salt or herbs and spices as necessary. At this point, your butter will have a lovely, soft consistency and it is the perfect moment for adding herbs, spices, honey, roasted garlic, etc.
  • Firmly press butter in Cool Dog Trays and freeze for 2-4 hours before releasing from trays.


  • For this recipe we use a stand mixer however you can also use a blender, a butter churner, or a closed container with a marble if you fancy using the good Ol’ elbow grease technique.
  • Be sure to save your fresh buttermilk. It is a wonderful ingredient that can be used for pancakes, baking, marinades, salad dressings, etc. Use up your buttermilk within a couple of days post-churning to ensure freshness!
  • We use store bought pasteurized heavy whipping cream for this recipe however fresh cream from the dairy farm is another great option to delicious butter.

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