About Cool Dog Trays (CDT)

Cool Dog Trays (CDT) is a family owned business, all products are crafted in our home studio. Each tray is artisan crafted inspired by your beloved canine breed. CDT is made from silicone sourced in the USA. It is processed using a cold pour technique. Some of our trays may have flaws on the top or bottom, however it does not effect the quality of the breeds and the products coming from them. The trays are FDA approved food safe, machine washable, freezer safe, microwave safe up to 240 C/ 460 F, and oven safe up to 240 C/ 460 F.

Care of Silicone Molds

If cared for properly Cool Dog Trays (CDT) could last 10 to 20 years. That’s a lot of fun projects showcasing your favorite breeds!

Preventing Cross Contamination

Certain foods and products leave behind a residue and fragrances that wont come off. It is very important to not mix your food safe products with your other products. With this being said we recommend to never use the same silicone mold for food as well as soaps and other products. Using a permanent marker designating which each tray is used for with labels such as food, soaps, science are helpful in remembering which is used in each mold.

Cleaning Your Cool Dog Trays

Our CDT are dish washer safe. Simply rinse and run inside a dishwasher. However we do recommend hand washing these particular trays with more stubborn products. Simply use your favorite grease cutting dish soap and hot water. Make sure it has completely dried either by toweling it down or air drying before putting away.

For tougher stains we recommend soaking the trays or use a baking soda paste. Making a thick paste and and coating it over the areas you are having trouble cleaning. Allowing the paste to dry over night and rinsing in the morning will be your best bet at handling these troublesome areas.

You may also try mixing one cup of white distilled vinegar to 2 cups hot water and soaking for 30 minutes. Remove from solution, gently scrub and rinse. This process is useful for getting rid of lingering aromas and tastes.

Never use abrasive cleaners or sponges as this will damage your molds.

Protecting CDT From Damage

Using oils will deteriorate silicone molds. We understand this is no work around to products like soaps and some candles however if you limit the use of oils your trays will thank you.

Keeping your trays out of direct sunlight, and UV rays will help the longevity of your CDT.

Our molds are fairly tough for the applications we present them with, however accidents do happen. If you are found in a pickle and needing a quick fix before your able to get back to cooldogtrays.com to get your favorite breed tray back. You can repair them with a silicone rubber adhesive.. simply make sure all edges are well cleaned with acetone on the bonding edges before applying the adhesive. We do not recommend this for the food safe products and it may interfere with the FDA approval food safety of the trays.

Storage of Silicone Molds

We recommend that the trays are stored flat. We have carefully designed the bottom of the trays to support each breed with a flat back. When stacking and folding the trays you run the risk of warping the silicone so it may not sit as flat after a few years when you reach for it for those fun projects

Happy Creating and Experimenting